Yes, those are American flags on the side of a New Zealand road!
It's time for the yearly round of American muscle cars gathering together
 and touring Taranaki!
This year it's the 24-27 of February.

The main street of each town is closed and the cars fill the street.
The sheer number of cars is mind-boggling!

Stratford kids get out of school each year to come see the cars. 


kiwimeskreations said...

That must he heart warming for you to see the American flag displayed, Betty.
Love you new cover photo - I recognize that spot and love it! I grew up fishing near there.
Stay safe

gz said...

We saw them when they were in Coromandel a couple of years ago.
The man on the Stop/Go board at a roadworks was in 7th Heaven!!

Sandi said...

It makes my heart happy to see people happy to see the American flag, whatever the reason. Wow, that was quite a sentence!