Sometimes, being left out is not a bad thing.

When I woke up and got some coffee, I settled down to see what was happening in the world while I slept. I was absolutely shocked to find out that we had slept through another earthquake felt in NZ! It was quite a ways off shore from the other side of the north island but people all over the country felt it.

There was no major damage, so after looking around online, I found that some people in Taranaki (where I live) felt it and others slept through it, too! 

Other than some concerned relative on social media, we weren't affected.


Marja said...

You didn't? and you were even closer to it We felt it here loud and clearly We woke up The bed shaking for a quite a while.

local alien said...

Loads of major earthquake activity. Greece had a big earthquake on Wednesday too and one on Iceland. Hope the earth is settling down now.
Lucky you slept through it

Lindy said...

Thank you for letting us know you are safe! That whole area is a hotbed right now with earthquakes (according to the app on my phone). Sending prayers from the USA for your continued safety.


kiwimeskreations said...

I slept through it too, but others in town felt it!! Once I am asleep there is not much that wakes me nowadays! I feel for my friends over on the east coast who are experiencing loads of aftershocks.
Stay safe

Susie of Arabia said...

I thought about you when I heard the news. Glad you are safe. We live near the airport in Jeddah, and this past week some missles aimed at the airport from the Houthis were intercepted in the middle of the night. We totally slept through it.

Faith said...

glad you're ok!

I saw your comment on my Take Time post. Yes a 4 yr old. But he is on the Autism Spectrum Disorder and also has some serious social-emotional issues along with significant language and articulation delays so it's really not all that astonishing. Just another day in Special Education PreK!!