Hubby came up with another first for me over the weekend--a pig show!
Some were being shown and some were being sold.

They were in pens where you could touch them and they reacted like family pets;
they snorted when you petted them and squealed when you stopped
because they wanted more! 
A couple of them fell over in ecstasy when you rubbed their backs!

It was nothing I had ever seen before!


local alien said...

Ohh they do look cute in your pics. How can we eat them??

diane b said...

Wow there seem to be many different kinds or colours. Funny how they like to be petted.

kiwimeskreations said...

What a wonderful show to go to - and so unexpected by the sounds of it. So glad you enjoyed it
Stay safe

David M. Gascoigne, said...

I suspect that few of us have ever been to a pig show, so you are in select company no doubt!

Nicole/Frau Frieda said...

Oooh .. I love pigs. My youngest son wants to keep some later (when he grows up).

Rostrose said...

Dear betty,
I've also never seen a pig show with so many different breeds of pigs. But I've often been to farms with pigs (I'm a real "stable child" ;-)) and always petted them there. Pigs are very nice and very intelligent (supposedly smarter than dogs ...) Your photos are very cute <3
Hugs from Austria,

kiwikid said...

Lots of different breeds there. 0igs are quite friendly aren't they.