I know things change...

 It's been fifteen years since I moved to New Zealand. I have adjusted to a lot of things that living on a small island presents.

I have learned to live without filter/drip coffee and drink instant. When I first got here, I could get a cup of filter coffee in a coffee shop while Hubby had some fluffy, strong stuff, but not any more. 

Before you ask, there are very few places to buy ground coffee and the ones we tried did NOT suit at all. Hubby recently found a place that will send us Folgers coffee, but over $100 shipping for 3 large cans is more than I can bring myself to spend, even if Hubby is willing.

Upon my arrival, I could buy grape jelly at any grocery store. Strangely enough, it has not been found anywhere for a few years now. A member of a FB group of Americans in NZ found some a while back and we were all jealous! I guess all those grapes they grow here are for fancy-schmacy wine now!  Actually, most of our stuff is imported from Australia since we are too small to manufacture very much for ourselves. So, I guess I can blame it on Aussie.

I am not sure how Pizza Hut and Dominos pizza in the US and other countries have changed in 15 years, but they advertise terrible abominations here.  Ground beef/mince, Peking Duck, smoked salmon, spinach, cranberries, prawns. And then there is the 'swirl' of sauces on top--aioli, hollandaise,  BBQ sauce. *shudder*  What happened to simple Italian sausage with cheese? Progress? This is why we make our own now and then, but I still can't find Italian sausage in the stores very often.

Twenty years ago, if you had told me I'd have these 'problems' I would have laughed. But, life throws you a curve ball sometimes, and you have to adjust your swing. But the biggest change is that I realize that many of the 'problem' I have are because I'm old and set in my ways.

Ah, life is always interesting.


local alien said...

I'm surprised about the coffee. What do they use in all those coffee places? Filter coffee is what we drink here but the supermarkets are full of it.
As for the pizza . Keep it simple I say.

gz said...

I'm surprised about the coffee too..we never have had a problem buying coffee, ground or ready made in a cafe or from a coffee cart.
Pizza is best kept simple..after all it is street food!

kiwikid said...

I am surprised about the coffee too, my parents had filter coffee for years, I guess it is change as you say. I haven't thought about grape jelly for a long time either, must have a look and see if we can get it here. When we went to the US (several years ago now 😁) all we could get, where we stayed, was filter coffee, not much fun for the peppermint tea drinker!!

kiwimeskreations said...

Interesting to hear your 'problems' ... sounds as though you have very particular tastes... but then I too like particular products - eg, Marmite not Vegemite!!
Hope you can get some suitable coffee soon
Stay safe

diane b said...

There are a lot of differences to get used to when you change countries. after 50 years my husband has got used to most things Aussie after coming from Switzerland.

Marja said...

Oh I missed our Dutch filter coffee when I just came here, but I am good now. I think the caffees here have great cappucinos
I don't know about grape jellies and the like. We've got totally different foods in Holland. Luckily there are many of us in NZ so there is quite a lot of Dutch food available and in the isles of supermarkets

Yvonne said...

"Old, and set in your ways", you made me laugh. I find it hard to believe young people eat pizza the way you describe. Thankfully, along with the unusual, we can still get the pizzas we grew up with.