Sorry it's been a while

There have been a few things happening in our lives that are ongoing and bothersome, but time will make it all ok.

The most annoying thing is that the last landlady didn't give us our deposit (bond) back. Here in New Zealand, each bond is suppose to be give to the Bond Tenancy Services to hold so you get a fair shake at getting it back. 

But, the last landlady is only used to dealing with farm helpers and doing things her way, so she didn't even register our bond--which is highly illegal. And she's been texting some really outrageous things to Hubby since we left. Long story short, we are taking her to Tenancy Tribunal (sort of small claims court) to get our money back.

Hubby has been having tests and seeing specialists about his knee to see about a replacement. Apparently, they only last about 10 years, so for the Universal Health Coverage to pay for it, he's too young (not yet 60--yes, I robbed the cradle!!). And with most elective surgeries backed up due to Covid, it will be a long waiting list for the operation. More tests tomorrow.

We also moved, hopefully for the last time. Since the last house was full of furniture, we needed to find some cabinets and tables and stuff.  Fortunately, Hubby has found some great pieces in our area online and things are coming together.

I pulled some muscles with an unexpected jog to my arms last week. They are finally down the the 'feeling sore' stage compared to the actual pain of stretching too far or laying down wrong. Soon, it will all be back to normal and I will be glad when it is :)

It has rained pretty constantly for the last week or so. *sigh*

Oh, yes, our new little house is great but there are TV screens on the market that are bigger than my actual kitchen floor! And, the kitchen sink is only about 8 inches deep. but it's all good. I can adapt. At least, we have a dish washer in the pantry.

And, that's what's been going on here....it's not perfect, but life it good.


gz said...

Best of luck with the Tribunal..hope they throw the book at that landlady.
If a house is small...fine. Less to clean and more outside to enjoy!!xx

kiwimeskreations said...

I don't mind a small place - when all is said and done with DD's extension, I will be living in 60 Sq Metres... what an unfortunate experience with you last landlady :( hope the tribunal 'comes through' for you.

swami ratnamurti saraswati said...

It's a real bummer when landlords do the illegal sneaky things. I flatted with someone who only paid 1/3 of her share of the bond, then told me that she'd paid more. Hope your husband is coping ok with his knee xxx