About me

In 2003, in Holton, Kansas, I went cyber and found, among other things,  a tiny forum in cyberspace where I eventually became the member with most posts--and I believe I still hold that record, but I digress...

On this forum I met people from all around the world. One was a guy in New Zealand (although for some reason I thought he was from Australia). We flirted. We pm'd. We IM'd. We emailed. We webcammed. We talked on the phone. 

After 20 years of comfortable singleness and never having thought about traveling abroad, I stepped out of my comfort zone and accepted the fact that I would have to be the one to travel if we were to ever meet face to face.

I came to New Zealand in July of 2006, with July 4th vanished forever in the travel.

In December of 2007, my bestie from Kansas came to visit and Hubby and I got married off the shore of New Plymouth amid family, a few friends and a host of seals and seagul
ls. With the wedding reception of fish and chips on the beach, I daresay it was a unique day.

This blog is my story of my new beginning...the ramblings of a mad woman who was transported to a new country (via the internet) outside her comfort zone in the US Midwest to a different country and culture that shouldn't be so different, but it is. I was surprised at the differences and have recorded them here.

I have taken so many photos--thousands, really-- since I got here that I started a photoblog. You can find some of my photos at Photographing New Zealand.  

Using my own photography, I have begun a Facebook page of inspiration. It's called Incidental Imagery. Click here.

You can email me at tenfootheart (at) gmail (dot) com