My 'down under' garden

I know that for most of you, it's the middle of winter, but here in the southern hemisphere, it's the middle of summer. And my garden is looking soooo good!

So, in the spirit of sharing [and the spirit of giggling because you could be knee-deep in snow  ], I thought I'd give you a peek at the blooms in my yard.

We rent a house whose [obviously well-established] garden had been neglected for quite a while. Whoever planted it put a lot of care and love into it and we are proud to be able to restore it to some extent.  
We aren't gardeners--or I guess I should say that we weren't gardeners before we moved into this place.  But now the 'bug' has bitten us and we are loving planting seedlings,  pulling weeds and moving plants until we find the best place for them.  It's amazing how much joy we get from such a simple pastime.
I hope you enjoy the pics.  I know I will be flipping through these when it's your turn to giggle at me because it's cold!


Ash said...

Oh gorgeous!! Thanks for asking me by for a tour.

My goal is to one day have an English garden just like my Gran - with stuff just blooming everywhere. As you can see from my sparse bulbs, I'm not quite there yet.

New Zealand is on my "places to visit" one day list. One day...

Ronnica said...

I'm from KS as well...but I didn't move quite so far away, just to North Carolina.

Those are beautiful flowers!

LegalMist said...


Bitsa Lit said...

That was just what I needed to escape my Canadian winter blues! thanks so much for posting! Im looking forward to reading more of your blogs :) and Im interested in anything about NZ that you wish to share! You could say Im in love with the country...but it would be an understatement! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Betty,

I would love to have the time to sit and browse through your blog, I find it outstandingly humerous and entertaining.

I am wading through slowly.


Patti xxx