Making up for city life

When I wasn't in rural areas in the US, I lived just outside of the bigger cities which was quite enough of the 'city' life for me. [The time I lived outside Chicago was enough 'city' for a lifetime!]. But even the smaller towns were urban enough to keep the birds at a distance and the night skies hazed with light.

Nowadays when I look up at the skies, I am reminded of something  my mama used to say--'She lived at 40th and Plum' (40 miles from town and plumb back in the sticks). That certainly doesn't hurt my feelings a bit.
We live close to a horse stable and there are quite a few streams around, so the wild ducks are always flying overhead (yes, the same wild ducks we thought were so cute for two years with their babies on the pond but have now outlived the cuteness). 

They might not be cute in the garden any more, but ducks are really awesome to see in the sky. I love to watch them soar overhead.

And this is one of my favorite photos of Mt. Taranaki because of the hawk that I captured in it.

I'm not sure I would have ever made it as a pioneer woman, though. I'm sure I'd have starved that first winter!  But, I am content to appreciate the wildlife that is visible outside my door. Like these:

The scenery almost makes it worth not having Suzy Q's and central air. Almost.


Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful shots. I've always wanted to see NZ just for the nature like these photos show.

Lorac said...

Aw.. Suzy Q and air conditioning isn't worth leaving that behind.
Is that an active mountain?

betty-NZ said...

Lorac - I agree! There are so many other things to make up for them.
This is Mt. Taranaki which last erupted about 20o years ago.
Mt. Ruapehu, on the other hand, is very active.

Anonymous said...

Agree about Chicago - visited friends there and was happy to go back to my NC sub :) The hawk on the Mount background is gorgeous! I remember when my parents took me to the Balkans hiking - there I saw the sky full of stars - it all started making sense to me - before that I was wondering - how the Greek saw so many figures in the sky - after looking at the stars without the city light - I realized - there was enough material there to make up the whole mythology :)

Marja said...

Looks like a gorgeous place to live
Very rural I love the mount taranaki picture

Unknown said...

Your views are just beautiful Betty. My Dad spent time in N.Z. in the 80's (in a glider!)and said it was his favorite place in the world. I have his albums full of photos. I'd have to say, your not missing much!