Easy, peasy Christmas traditions

In case you missed some of my very first posts (I'm sure that includes everyone but one friend in the US!), we started some great Christmas traditions here.

First of all, we do not give clothes or other necessities as Christmas gifts (unless it's something super-special). I recall too many Christmases when there was nothing fun, only clothes. I know my folks didn't intend to warp me with their 'Christmas', but I have no intentions of passing those feelings on.

Hubby and I now decide during the year what our Christmas gift is (when we buy it) and I just wrap up some candy or something small to unwrap with the kids on Christmas Day. 

Missy thoroughly enjoys getting a 'certificate' to go shopping with me at some point after Christmas to buy some special clothes or CD's or whatever she really wants and have a 'just us girls' lunch out. I'm glad she's so easy about this since we all know teenagers are so hard to buy for. 

Otterboy does enjoy his trains that Hubby built for him, and our newest model we are building is N scale. So, we buy cars and accessories for the layout during the year. 

I don't remember how it got started, but, since it's summertime here in the southern hemisphere, we now have the tradition of having an outside 'gift hunt' instead of putting gifts under the tree. They are just silly things like bath soaps and pencil sets along with drawing paper and silly string and other things from the $2 shop or the Warehouse (NZ's answer to Wally World). They find all the hidden gifts then bring them inside to unwrap. And, gladly, these are also things that can be collected throughout the year.

After the gifts, we go to the beach and usually stop for ice cream.There are definite advantages to having a sunny, hot Christmas! 

But, it's still a bit weird.


Jennifer AKA keewee said...

I do miss the NZ traditional Christmas. We used to always take off on boxing day for our holidays, so Christmas day was low key. Vhristmas here in the States, now I am in my 60's and there are no children here, is very quiet, but we like it that way.
Have a fun Christmas.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

I love reading your posts, Betty, telling what happens WAY down there. It's amazing for me to think of it being so HOT on Christmas... BUT--I love your idea of hiding the gifts outside (kinda like we used to hide Easter eggs) --and then bringing them inside to unwrap. That's such a neat idea. Then, the beach and ice cream???? What a neat tradition...


chitra said...

Dear Betty
I would like to learn more about your place, the tradition, culture etc. thru' your blogs. I am from India and I think it would be interesting for me. I am following you.
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Robynn's Ravings said...

"2 were distracted by shiny objects..." that just cracked me up!

Okay, so excited to have someone dropping in from New Zealand! Very fun. And the outdoor Christmas gift hunt? Inspired! Christmas is Christmas no matter the weather. I knew friends from Australia who visited in summer and waxed nostalgic that it reminded them so much of Christmas. lol!

merinz said...

Sounds like you have Christmas all sorted!

Connie said...

Sounds like fun at your house! I think my daughter will enjoy certificates when she is older... she loves to shop with me :)