Russell (holiday part5)

We got there by ferry from Opua.

Historic Christ Church in Russell was built in 1836.

Maori names for the Trinity.

A shot on the waterfront.

Pompallier Mission is the first French Catholic mission in NZ. This is the only remaining building. It serves it's original purpose of printer's shop.

There is also a museum there, but I didn't take any photos.


Kate said...

Superb photos again! ... For five years running my family and I went to a campground near Russell for our summer holidays... Two weeks of swimming and fun - my teen memories were wonderfully revived by your pics. Thank you!

Oh, I think Christchurch was built in 1836...

Kate said...

"Christ Church" I mean.

betty-NZ said...

Thanks for noticing the typo, Katherine. It has been corrected.

chitra said...

Superb photos!!