Another 'new' experience

Since I arrived in NZ, I have had many experiences that would never have been possible if I had stayed in Topeka. Some, because of the nature of a different country in a different hemisphere. Some, because of having a ready-made family. Some, simply because it never crossed my mind before.

The latest experience is a combination of reasons, and I learned some new things--like:

  • squirted whipped cream smells like over-ripe yogurt when not eaten immediately
  • it's nearly impossible to take good photos when you are laughing your guts out
  • sometimes, it's ok to smack your dad in the forehead with a cookie
  • you should wash cream-covered clothes shortly after they are taken off


~Cheryl said...

Now, this is a funny post! I love it all! Thank you for sharing the gift of laughter.

chitra said...

Those were nice pictures. Shows real enjoyment.

Hootin Anni said...

The 2nd thing you've learned...well, it's the same in Topeka and all over the world.

This looks like one fun time!

Lucy said...

Cute! I'm glad it's quality time, regardless of the activity!

Sandy said...

Everyone looks like they are having so much fun!

Connie said...

Silliness is good for you!