My neighbors are ignorant as well as rude

We moved into a new rental home just before Christmas last year. The neighbors next to us seemed friendly enough. The Mom works at a local store and always has a smile on her face when I see her. In a quick introduction over the fence, the Dad seemed nice and jokingly mentioned something about the neighbors not being shy about calling ringing 'Noise Control' [the district agency (for a lack of better word) that you call ring up when your neighbors are being noisy] on him and his kids. That should have been a red flag, but I guess I still want to see the positive and I didn't stop to figure out what that really meant.

We live on a corner and we really didn't (and still don't) see the neighbors behind us out and about much. One day, I saw the lady who lived there and asked her about a cat that was always looking in our windows. She was very pleasant and it turns out it was her cat, but I still think it lived at our house at some point.  Anyway....it also turns out that Hubby works with the son who has moved back in with Mommy and Daddy.

In my mind, it's very simple. If loud music were acceptable, then there would be no 'Noise Control' to call. Duh. So, when I took all the bass thumping above the sound of the TV I could handle I called. And called.Yes, and called some more.

The neighbors beside us eventually called the police to see whether or not we were harassing them by calling so often. We weren't. They finally got the message.

The neighbors behind us still play music loud on occasion. They didn't get the message. However, they really proved their ignorance last week after Phred died. Missy called from her Mum's house when Phred was missing for about 2 days to see if he was here. She said that the granddaughter of the neighbor behind us told her that someone had seen his body, but they didn't know who he belonged to.

When Missy came to our house at the end of the week, the first thing she said was, 'I have changed what I think about the neighbors behind us.' It seems that, when the granddaughter told them it was our cat, someone (I assume the dad, who is the one who plays the music) told her that if he had know it was our cat, he would have scooped it up, gift-wrapped it and brought it to the door as a gift for calling Noise Control.

All this makes me hope that my family is right when they say it's probably just Taranaki Kiwis who are rude. I do hope that when we move away from Stratford in a couple of years they are proven correct.


Miss Footloose said...

Oh, this is not funny . . . Having to put up with that noise and these people for two years will grow mental stamina, patience, character, if not hair on your chest. Good luck!

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Oh my gosh, what a bunch of asses! I'm glad that you called so many times. People like that don't understand that their music tastes shouldn't be projected onto the entire neighborhood. They sound horrid!

southseaislandhome said...

Oh gosh! That is my biggest fear when we move is that we'll end up with neighbours who like loud music.Thankfully, loud parties/music is rare in my neighbourhood. From things that you've written about Stratford, it sounds like a typical NZ small-town (read small-minded) - hopefully you'll be moving somewhere where the natives have a broader world-view.
I'm so sorry to hear about poor Phred.

chitra said...

That comment is really rude one from your neighbour.

Connie said...

That is very obnoxious! Everyone is going to make some noise sometimes.. if you like to entertain. But a random event can easily be excused if you are a polite neighbor most of the time! Our next door neighbor is an Ambassador and entertains (part of the job really) sometimes... I'm talking hired bands and other entertainers! But it's rare, doesn't go on all night, and he's great the rest of the time. Forgiven! It's not hard to be a good neighbor... yet so many people fail miserably :p

KB said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Phred and the disgusting way your neighbours mocked Phred's death. Makes me ashamed to call myself a Kiwi but I am and all I can say is...thank goodness the majority of us are good people.