I just wanted to let you know that we are in the midst of moving. We are so excited as we will have a quiet neighborhood (so the future neighbors say) and we will be gardening again. That's something we really missed doing at this house.

It seems that the police told both Numnuts and us that we were both 'sorta right and sorta wrong'. I guess they don't take sides and leave things to work out--too much paperwork, otherwise.  The good news is that Mr Numnuts has been behaving quite well since the confrontation with the cops. His Jr Numnuts sons have been acting like 12-year-olds, leaving their cars running longer than necessary (with the stereos blasting, of course) and making silly noises at night on occasion. *roll eyes*

The other good news is that I'm sure they are not typical representation of the country. We just happened to find one of the few rednecks in town.

Hubby and Otterboy moved the outdoors stuff today. We have lots of flower pots and a few flowerbed boxes that Hubby made for me. They should have the rest of the furniture moved tomorrow (Friday) and the power should be on and we should be spending Friday night in our new digs! Yay!

More later.


Choppography said...

I don't know your gardening preferences, but I have recently fallen in love with a technique called Square Foot Gardening. Smaller, more compact, but ridiculously productive. I know several Aussies and New Zealanders on the forum.

Just in case: http://squarefoot.creatingforum.com/

Neat place with nice people. Best of luck in your new digs.


Pamela said...

I'm happy for you. The wrong type of neighbors can make your life miserable. Yeah for the gardening!

Belle said...

I'm sure you will be much happier in your new home. Moving is hard work, but it is fun to decorate a new place.

Better is Possible said...

Best wishes on your move. Keep us posted on your gardening.

Sarah said...

Yay for the new house and gardening (and hopefully nice neighbours).