We are pretty much settled into the new house and it's feeling like home. The mornings and weekends are wonderfully quiet and we have gotten into our routines.

One of the great things about this house is that it's within walking distance to the only grocery store and the main shopping street. That means I can walk to my SeniorNet tutoring sessions, too. And since I have been walking, I feel better about myself and my abilities to get around. I had some thyroid problems a few years back and I still have some deteriorated muscle use in my legs that is gone forever, I think, even with some adjustments of my meds, and so I felt a bit trepiditious about walking too far. But, I am glad to say that it's working for me.

Interestingly enough, in my walking I have encountered Mrs. Numnuts--twice. She manages the local chain of the 'two and five dollar' stores and each time, she seems to be shocked as I walk past for some reason. Personally, I think it's karma (God) that she recognizes. For the record, I blame her by association for the atrocious treatment we got from her house. I don't know if she contributed to the abuse, but I certainly never saw her try to stop any of it.

Numnuts did give us another phrase to mean 'trailer park'. He would wear his hi-vis work vest in the yard garden when he worked or washed is car. And when two vests were on the clothes line, we would joke that he's probably naked and make appropriate noises. So, now, when we see someone acting crazy, Hubby will say, 'I bet he wears hi-vis in the garden!' and we get a good giggle.

I feel so much free-er here. I don't have the need to stay inside like I did at the other house. Hubby and Otterboy have been working quite hard in the garden to prepare it for flowers and veggies. If the rain stops this weekend, we can get some plants in the ground. I'm really excited! But just walking around looking at the empty flowerbeds feels really good.

Since tv here sucks sooooo very badly, Hubby very cleverly set up one of our computers so we can wheel it into the lounge to watch free movies on the internet when nothing is on. (That is a sentence I never thought I'd write!) I'm very impressed!

Things are looking up at work, too. Hubby put in an application for a job in another part of the country that he is very qualified for. I sure hope he gets it, as I am ready to move. I'm hopeful that any other school system would be better than Stratford for Otterboy and he's willing to move, too. Please say a little prayer for our success if you get a chance.

Otterboy asked if we could have a chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese icing (you can find my recipes by clicking the 'my recipes' tab at the top) as a celebration for our new house, and, of course, I had to comply!

So, we are moving on and enjoying our new place. I will definitely keep you posted when the garden gets growing.


Yvonne said...

I'm glad things are better for you now.

Belle said...

It is interesting you see Mrs. Numnuts once in a while! Her husband sounds like a winner. Thank goodness you are out of there. I will pray for your hubby and the job. Sounds like you are very happy in your new home. I know what you mean (a little bit) about walking. I have fibromyalgia and with walking I sometimes wonder how hard it will be to walk back home.

southseaislandhome said...

I'm so glad that you are enjoying your new home - must be a nice relief to be away from all that angst next door.

merinz said...

Sounds like you are very happy there. And the possibility of shifting to another part of the country could be an interesting experience. You mention schooling - yes another school could well be a completely different experience as they are not all in the same mold as the one he currently attends!