Home, sweet home!

Hubby makes moving easy. He and Otterboy got all the furniture and big stuff done in record time and I am so happy and proud of them.

Apparently, this house hasn't been occupied in at least a month but somebody tried to grow a veggie garden somewhere along the way. After a long mowing session and quite a while with the weed-eater, Hubby brought in a huge handful of carrots! They were quite tasty and I thank the mysterious planter of carrots. There are also broccoli and cabbage plants that have gone to seed among other things that I don't recognize. Hay, I'm from Chicago. Give me a break. I'm learning about plants as I go.

The back of the property borders a small cemetery that I haven't visited yet. There are many years of grown of an ivy and a jasmine vine climbing the 30-foot trees that separate the properties. At our 'garden' house (almost 2 years ago) there was a brick planter on the back porch with some of the same jasmine. I loved seeing it and smelling it and was impressed that it was so hardy but seeing a whole wall of it is a bit intimidating.

Otterboy bought another TV for his playstation this weekend It's older but huge! Since our flatscreen needs an aerial and his older TV doesn't, we have traded him until we can get an aerial up. So he's playing playstation on our flatscreen  and we have rabbit ears on his in the living room lounge. It works for me since Hubby and Otterboy don't watch much tv and I usually have it on for noise. 

With the cable company spending lots of money on promoting the Rugby World Cup--did you even know that NZ is hosting it even now as I type?!--and not much else, we had decided months ago to forgo cable for a while. The movies that they bill as 'premier movies' are many that I watched for $1 before I moved 5 years ago! Occasionally, we get  a movie or series that is less than 5 years old but the series usually gets cut off without notice. Knight Rider and Charles in Charge are making the rounds again. Go on. Laugh. I'll wait ;). Sometimes I miss US tv, but it's a small price to pay for NZ and my new family.

So we are officially settled into our new house. I am so loving the peaceful weekends here. Apparently, our house is the only concern on the block for noisy neighbors. OK, it's a very small block with only 4 of the 7 houses actually facing our street,  but, still, I think we will be good for the neighborhood.


Belle said...

The TV in New Zealand surprises me. When I moved from California to Canada I was shocked that we had only 2 TV stations! TV here is now just like the U.S. Hundreds of programs to choose from. I don't watch much any more though.

I'm glad you have some peace and quiet in your new neighborhood.

chitra said...

New house pic is beautiful!!

Ann said...

we moved on Sept 24, but temporary move, until we buy our own house.

LegalMist said...

Sounds like an awesome new place! Enjoy!