Back to the grindstone

Over the holidays, Otterboy is in the 6-week break between school years and Hubby took 2 weeks off work. Since I don't really get a day off (...a woman's work is never done, you know!) I requested a week of no dishes and got it! That was a heavenly week, let me tell ya. And the dishes were done without complaining or reminding each night. I have the best guys!

Otterboy and Maniac (his best bud) are pretty much inseparable these days and it's good they have each other to help with the entertainment since we stayed in Taranaki for the holidays.

The two of them went swimming while Hubby relaxed in the spa pool and I wandered about outside taking pictures a few times.

At one point, the three of them went up Paritutu (<- click for photos) for some fresh air and exercise. I don't do climbing, thank you. We were in New Plymouth again later, just Hubby, Otterboy and me, and the two decided to go up again. Apparently, Hubby met somebody to chat with half way up while Otterboy went up and down twice!

We also had plans to go to Kai Iwi, near Wanganui (that's barely outside Taranaki) because they have this huge flying fox that they kids love to ride. But the weather was not great and the two boys ended up swimming there, which they didn't seem to mind at all, while we went to find a cup of coffee and then to the winter garden (<- click for photos) at the local park. After that, Hubby found us a picnic shelter where we had our late, leisurely picnic lunch. But, I think the boys liked driving through huge puddles the best :)

Of course, between little trips and the rain, there was the PS3 for the boys and a bit of gardening for us all, which made for a very laid-back two weeks. I think Hubby got rested before he had to go back to work today.

And to think that we entertained ourselves as kids without huge water slides and interactive machines. I'm not sure if those were better times or not.


Belle said...

When they were little my girls told me they loved being at the ocean better than Disneyland. Children adore nature and it is so refreshing to the spirit. Sounds like a wonderful holiday.

wheatgerm said...

winter garden nice

FranE said...

Sounds like a lovely holiday. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos of the winter garden.

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

I love the subtle colors and rich texture of the vegetation on Parititu, in the wide shot and in the closeups. Great photos.

charlotte's menagerie said...

Yeah for no dish duty! I think it is better without computer games.