Who'da thunk?

There's so much in this huge world to see that I will never see with my own eyes. Who'da thought 40 years ago that I would be able to visit Siberia or see inside a cell or into outer space?! I am grateful for those that bother to share their world with me.

That's why I like to share my photos with those that will never make it to NZ. And for those that set up memes to help me share them without any fuss, a big thank you.

Of course, I find some of the places I visit in the blog world a bit like the old-maid teacher who has lost all reason to smile. I am probably old enough to be most of those blog owners' Mom and I don't appreciate being treated like I can't get out of the rain.

Some meme hosts demand (they say they don't demand, but you know they do) that you only link to their meme if you join them. Excuse me, but the internet is not some place you can censor and tell me how to write my blog. My photos are interesting, IMHO, and I will share them with whomever I want. I will link to whomever I want. And, it's not you.

Then there are those that won't allow you to right click anywhere on the page, even on the link you want to share. I understand the reason for it, but let's face it: If you put it on the internet,  there are no guarantees on what happens to it. And it's a long road to sue somebody for stealing it, so if you don't want to worry, don't post it.

Also, I'm sorry, but I am not going to type out the whole link just to have it be misspelled by one letter and have to do it again. And, what do you think you're accomplishing? I haven't tried, but I bet I can steal your stuff without right clicking and I'm not even a geek. I don't link to your memes, either.

For those that understand how the internet works and the possibilities it presents, I thank you for your spot in cyberspace where I can interact with others without being treated like I need help with my homework.

And for those that actually encourage you to use their posters and photos by telling you they are free to download, you are top of the list in my book!

I guess anywhere you go where there are people you will find both extremes. If you find a place without the sourpusses, let me know.