One Minute on New Year's Day

What a fabulous way to start the new year--praying for someone else, in circumstances beyond our comprehension!!

I stole  got this from Recovering Church Lady today and wanted to help out. She got it from  Ignite the Fire at Building His House.

One Prayer, Many Nations 
The purpose of the New Years Day Concert of Prayer is to focus our hearts, minds and spirits together in praying for the abolishment of the international sex trade. Unifying our hearts, with intent, causes the Father to hear and respond.
Join us anytime on New Years Day. A simple prayer will be provided for you to pray or to use as a guide in prayer. It is not how much we say, but the heart behind our prayers that is heard.
Speak the prayer in your heart or out loud. Join with others, give it to your friends and set a time of the day or even create a Skype call with those you know around the globe. Be creative as you desire. We want you to have freedom to express in your own way, yet focused on a common thought.
One day human trafficking will be a thing of the past, today it is a insult to our societies, our intelligence and our faith. Prayer has power, God listens when we speak. One Prayer - Many Nations! is a piece in the puzzle fighting for the abolishment of human trafficking.
Please join us New Years Day and pour your prayers with others from around the globe.
Thank you,Byron


Please spread the word!

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