Hubby and his baking

The other day, Hubby walked out of the computer room and asked me how much baking powder would be needed for two cups of flour to make it self-rising.
He just slowed down a little as he walked across the room while he waited for my answer (about 1 and a half teaspoons, just off the top of my head) and then proceeded a bit excitedly to the kitchen. Calling from the kitchen, the conversation went something like this:

Hubby: Are you sure?

Me: Why do you want to know?

Hubby: Ice cream bread!

Me: Ice cream bread?

Hubby: Yes, ice cream bread!

Me: You have a recipe for ice cream bread.

Hubby: Yes! Is this all the ice cream we have?

Me: Where did you get the recipe?

Hubby: On the forum! It has two ingredients!

And then there was no more conversation. All I heard was some hustle and bustle and then the blender was whirring.

Turns out, it's not bad. I think it's more like a cake than bread, but Hubby disagrees. But anyway, the recipe is as follows:

2 cups ice cream, any flavor
1 1/2 c self-rising flour

Mix, spray a loaf pan, bake at 350F (175C) for about 45 minutes.

If you don't have self-rising flour, use 2 cups flour with 1 1/2 t baking powder and about 1/4 t salt.

Hubby promises that the next batch will be better. I'll let you know.


JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

I'd never heard of that - but it sounds like a fun thing to try - hmmm chocolate chip mint ice cream bread? :-)

Nonnie said...

what an unusual recipe! but if I am anticipating bread, I can't imagine liking this for a bread. but as a dessert, could be!

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Wow, I like the sound of that! Pumpkin ice cream in the fall, strawberry in the spring and Vanilla all year! Yum! xx

Ashley @ Downsizing said...

I found your blog on Aloha Friday and started following on google friend connect. Ice cream bread definitely sounds more like cake than bread!

Ashley @ http://downsizingashley.blogspot.com/

Zena said...

It sounds like a fun thing to try...

Anonymous said...

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HG :p

Unknown said...

LOL trust. I must sign up to try this Ice-Cream Bread when I come up for Mid Year Break :)