I guess 60+ years of watching tv the same way was a good run. I admit that having the television on as background noise is a habit.

Daytime tv has very little that I care to watch, so housework gets done before or after Dr Phil comes on (when he's being carried by the stations). Then a couple of game shows a little later in the day are company as I chill out after some gardening. Evenings have a few shows during the week that I like to watch but a lot of these were on 'premium' channels (not the free-to-air channels).

Alas, our 'Igloo' box that had free plus premium stations is becoming obsolete as of the first of March. *sigh* We don't think the major cable network is worth the money (we've used it before), and living on a small island gives very few other options.
So, I am being dragged into the world of Chromecast as our (well, my, since Hubby doesn't watch much tv) newest change. It was easy to set up and use, so that helped a lot with the changeover. We haven't decided on any movie packages from the internet but I have found TV on Demand very interesting!

Even with all the internet options, I still feel like I'm cheating on my old way of entertaining myself somehow. But, I'm pretty sure I will get over it soon!


Melanie said...

I got rid of cable quite some time ago and watch Netflix or my Roku channels. I wasn't sure I'd survive at first but now I don't miss regular TV. I hope your new Chrome gadget works well for you. I can get a similar channel on Roku which has a lot of shows. Have a good day.

Nonnie said...

The shows I watch are on PBS - Masterpiece theater, Call the Midwife, etc. I don't find anything on regular TV that is worth watching and Netflix finds me spending more time searching for something to watch than actually watching. The last few days my "tv junk" that I have watched have been some Judge Judy. I find it hard to believe that people can get themselves in such messes and Judge Judy isn't fooled by any of it.

likeschocolate said...

I have to say I watch most of my shows via the computer. This way I can pick the times I want to watch something and I don't have to watch all the junk shows. The only reason we keep the cable is for the children who have various watching habits and preference. One likes to watch sports, two like Disney, and well then there is my mom who watches it when she comes over. one of these days i will be free of it too.

Anita Johnson said...

We have an antennae. Finally got sling too. In the winter it is sort of nice to have a TV break.

Klara S said...

I watch TV from time to time and I'm happy about that :)