Mystery definitely solved

In April 2015, I posted this photo and asked for help with identifying these bulbs/pods.

I had some guesses but nobody knew for sure what they were.
I was advised to plant them to see what came up and that seemed quite
reasonable, so I planted several of them and marked them with sticks.
None of them came up. But, when I found another one last spring, I
planted it, too and, this time, there was success.

You can see the little stick I stuck in the ground where I planted it.

Come to find out, it is a gladiola bulb.

Now that I see what came up, I'm not really surprised because each year I
find more and more of these beauties in different parts of the garden. I gather
them in one place as I find them, and this one will join them.


Andrea said...

Oh great you are lucky as you have the right temperature to prompt them to sprout and flower. We have gladiolus also here in the tropics, but they are placed in big cold rooms for 2 months before planted again in the ground in time of flowering for November 1 or All Saints'Day. They are such beautiful flowers.

Hetty said...

Hurray! You solved a mystery and you have a bouquet with flowers! Groetjes,

Little Wandering Wren said...

All's well that ends well - and the best bit of all remembering where to look for your stick! What a joy to find!
Wren x

facile et beau - Gusta said...

oh the seeds did bloom - how lovely

Sunnys Haus said...

Very beautiful ! Can you leave them in the garden through the whole year ? Here in Germany I have to put them out in autumn and plant them again in May because otherwise the bulbs would freeze during the winter. Unfortunately they won't grow again the next year because I don't have ideal space to store them through wintertime. So it's too cold (outside) or too warm (in the house). But I will look for new ones next year, because I like them so much.

Greetings from Birgit

Aimz said...

oh yeah I"ve seen those and wondered what they were from.

Kenneth Cole Schneider said...

Very nice outcome!

Klara S said...

Gladiolus is such a beautiful flower. Here, I have to wait for them till July/ August :(

likeschocolate said...

GORGEOUS! Love these flowers but don't see them much here in Georgia maybe to much iron in our soil or our soil is to clay like.

Magdalena said...

Great experience. I suppose, the result makes you happy.

Jenn Jilks said...

Such a fun mystery! We're so cold, but this warms the cockles of my heart.
P.S. I love your roses!
(ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

photodoug said...

Great Glads. Thanks for sharing.

Marja said...

So exciting that the mystery is solved and that the result is some gorgeous gladiola

Frankie Perussault said...

Very nice indeed! I love gladiolas. They need to grow in a large group for full effect. Thanks for talking about NZ. I'll now be following this blog! Cheers from France :-)

Traudi Gartendrossel said...

Gladioles are wonderful flowers, I love them very much, only in the summer they grow with us in the garden

Greetings from Traudi