old sod cottage

Considering the fact that the British meaning of 'sod' is demeaning, I had to stop
to look around.
Fortunately, 'sod' is the material that the house is made from!

Hugh Murray built in the 1860s for John McIntosh, as a store and as a stopping place 
for miners heading to the Tuapeka goldfields. 


magiceye said...

Beautifully maintained property.

Amy said...

I like how they have it set up inside as authentic as they can.

Marja said...

wow a gorgeous cottage Didn't know that about sod I looked it up and it said it said it is the surface of ground with the grass growing on it. In Dutch turf is dried peat

Mikael Bergman said...

very nice cottage

windowtothebeauty said...

looks beautiful:):*

Tanza Erlambang said...

almost 200 years, but in good maintenance.... look nice and clean.

Have a wonderful day

Maggid said...

I imagine living in a place just like this . . . really! i spend dreaming time on regular occasion - pretending my home would be like this - with a large-ish - safe yard.

Thank you for sharing.
love & love,

Jeannie said...

I love it when historical places are restored and saved for future generations.