There's a cow in my garden

It's not often you get to see a cow in your front garden!
This little lady escaped from the paddock next to the house and
was trying to find her way back home.

 Fortunately, she knew where she was going.


gz said...

She does look at home there!

kiwimeskreations said...

The joys of country life - I hope she didn't eat too much from your garden.
Stay safe

local alien said...

Now there's something different!!
Fortunately as you say she knew which way to go home. I've seen goats in the road but never a cow around here

Tine de Jong said...

Cows love to go out and about and you took a nice picture of it. Best greetings from Tine

Rajani Rehana said...

Beautiful blog

Rostrose said...

Oh, that's really adventurous!
But she seems to be a nice cow!
All the best
Traude (grandmother since tonight ...)

sandy said...

Wow a cow in your front yard. That's what I call "fun"...