We had originally booked flights on Air New Zealand from New Plymouth to Auckland and then straight to Queenstown. But Covid showed up again in Auckland and we had to reschedule. So, we flew from New Plymouth to Wellington with a layover until our Queenstown flight.

The domestic flight from NP to Wellington was rather uneventful. 

But our flight to Queenstown was from an international gate and, boy was that different! It reminded me of my flight to New Zealand with all the safety checks! Yep, put your carry-on stuff in a bin to be checked (even inside my camera case!), walk into the little machine to check your body for illegal stuff.

That's definitely a big difference to my boring stay-home-because-I-want-to life!


kiwimeskreations said...

Oh yes, the international departures are somewhat fun - the last one I did was harrowing as I got pulled aside for 'extra' attention... so not impressed!
Hope you enjoyed your trip away - I love the South Island!
Stay safe

local alien said...

Queenstown is an over-seas destination! Lucky you can travel around. Hope the trip was a good one

kiwikid said...

Ah the joys of travel!!