Update on Kevin

 It has been a while since my last post on Kevin's knee replacement infection. 

He was back in the hospital  for minor surgery on the 15th of November to remove the weepy bit on his leg but when we had his GP's nurse take out the stitches, it didn't look great. 

The GP gave him some antibiotics but we knew that wasn't going to do any good, so we went back to the ER again. He ended up staying for 12 days and had a major surgery cleaning up/replacing small bits of his new knee (on the 22nd).

Three days later, he came home with a permanent port for antibiotics that the district nurse showed me how to change every day.

We went for blood tests and checkup Wednesday the 7th and it looks really good but are waiting for test results. If all goes well, we have one more week of the IV antibiotics then oral antibiotics and we should be done.

We are working on paperwork for compensation (it's called  surgical misadventure) and, hopefully some payback for mileage.

It seems we are getting to the end of this whole thing. Kevin can drive again (YAY!) which I know makes him feel more independent.

FYI: The surgeon said that about one in 100 knee replacements get an infection but they have no idea what causes it.


Susan Heather said...

Sorry to hear that Kevin was the one in 100. Glad to hear he is finally improving and now able to drive.

gz said...

Positive news! Good to hear it

kiwikid said...

Sorry to hear about the infection, good to hear it is on the mend.

Linda said...

Oh dear! Sounds very stressful. My daughter is supposed to get a knee replacement so fingers crossed.