A while back we got a car for me to use because it's too far to take Hubby to work to get the car for the day. It has several 'auto' settings but I don't really care for those settings, especially the one on the windshield (windscreen) wipers.

It's not often that we drive it out in the rain. That's a good thing, because the wipers did an OK job but and the sensors thought they were reading correctly when they chose the speed. Fast, slow, super fast, off, repeat!

 And, of course, every time we would look at each other and one of us would say, 'We need to get new blades.' Yep,

 'We need to get new blades.' Yep, 

'We need to get new blades.' Yep.

And finally, 'We should get new blades before we go on our trip.' 



But in the first hour or so I remembered that 'We need to get new blades.'

So, we pull into a Super Cheap, Hubby goes in and a worker comes out to take the blades off the arms to replace them inside.

Come to find out, the blades on the car were the original factory blades! 10 years! No wonder we needed new blades.

So, now we have new, quiet, great-working blades and the 'auto' setting actually works quite well! 

For several hours of our trip, it rained a bit and we looked at each other and giggled. Maybe the previous owner didn't go out in the rain.


kiwimeskreations said...

What a great start to your trip - to have new, quiet and properly functioning wipers!!
Hope the rest of your trip is equally enjoyable

diane b said...

Enjoy your trip with the new blades.