hospital weekend

 Last week, we noticed a couple of places on Hubby's knee-replacement leg that were weepy so I insisted he call the doctor, even though they didn't seem connected to the surgery. He finally got a response from his GP on Friday.

His GP wrote a prescription for antibiotics which was CC'd to his surgeon. A few minutes later around 5pm, the surgeon called and told us to get to the A&E (ER) right now so we don't get caught up in the weekend crowd and have to wait forever to be seen.

So, we got up and went (over an hour's drive) without dinner.

There weren't a lot of people there so Hubby was seen without much waiting. He was tested into the wee hours and kept overnight and I left him on a bed in the corridor after a while (at his insistence) thinking I would be back the next day to get him. I blindly followed the GPS to get home since it's amazing how dark our part of the world is, even in the city limits.

As I waited for him to be discharged, he texted the next day, Saturday, to say he needed another round of strong antibiotics so he would be kept another day and would I bring him some clothes and things.

So, for the second day in a row, I drove up there. Of course, I didn't mind because it was Hubby.  I was a bit apprehensive, since he usually does the driving when we are together but I got past that bit of fear and got to the hospital with his stuff. With the construction going on (and a huge lack of signage), I ended up following voices to ask for help (it was Saturday so not a lot of people around) and eventually found his room THAT  YOU ACTUALLY CAN'T GET TO WITHOUT KNOWING HOW TO GET THERE!!  *SIGH*

So, on Sunday, I waited for his text to let me know that he was released and, for the third day in a row, drove to the hospital to pick him up insisting that he meet me at the door, as I am sure I couldn't find his room again without help!

We got home and relaxed and poor Hubby was looking forward to a good night's sleep.

He did sleep pretty well, but I  didn't (as happens with Thyroid problems). So, it wasn't the best possible scenario when Hubby woke me about 8:00 to tell me we had to go back to the hospital because some paperwork for an ultrasound of his leg got misplaced and we had an appointment at 11:15!

And, away we went for the fourth day in a row. We had some other appointments and plans in town already, so we worked it all out, one thing at a time, and got them all done--including picking up chicken so we didn't have to cook.

We both were exhausted when we got home and, of course, took a nap.

I'm just so tired of riding in the car for now, so I hope I can stay home for the next few days.

We are both looking forward to a little get-away that Hubby has planned for next week. I think we both will feel better after being home together for six weeks.


local alien said...

Hope that's the last of the hospital visits for a very long time. Good health to you both

Yvonne said...

What a trying and exhausting time you both have had. One never knows when life is going to become very complicated, and throw a wrench into everything already planned. I hope your hubby does well from now on, and you get all the rest you need.

kiwimeskreations said...

Oh how I loath those hospital trips... been there done that, and now have another round looming because of my daughter's health... it is at least an hours trip each way, and even though I know the way, it will still be hard work with regular trips - finding parking is the worst.
Do hope this is the last you see of the hospital for a fair while - enjoy your break

gz said...

Well done that surgeon for using common sense!!
Hope recovery is smooth from now on.

I now do 99% of our driving..it isn't always fun..

diane b said...

Sounds like a hectic weekend for you two. Hope his knee gets better soon.