Rude Kiwis

The doctor I usually see has left the local clinic and I was seen by a Swedish replacement who had only been in the country for about 3 weeks.

We didn't talk long, since I just needed a refill on my meds, but I did manage to warn him that I thought Kiwis were a bit impolite and won't get out of your way unless totally necessary. His comment was that Swedes are *as he made a 'hulk' pose of sorts* stout--I assume he meant a bit unmoved, too.

Maybe it's a European trait that has trickled down the generations.

It's certainly not the American way to do things. Americans will smile at strangers and step out of their way--this being a mutual movement. They will also pull in their feet when you pass by them in a theater or some similar seating arrangement. And if they do accidentally hit you, even a slight graze, 95% of Americans will say "Sorry" in some form, usually with an apologetic smile.

It's strange that I took all that for granted in my former life.

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Rose said...

I wonder if you have become more used to the ways there, have you became a bit more like them, or have you found more polite people. Cause I will swear there is a difference here...one of the Walmarts in Terre haute I basically quit going to years ago because everyone was so rude. Customers and employees...here our little Walmart and the one in nearby Illinois town...almost everyone is friendly and helpful...