They come to NZ to retire.....

No, I'm not talking about old folks. I'm talking about entertainers.

Face it, NZ is not the biggest revenue-making venue in the world. It stands to reason that most singers and stars only think of NZ when the twinkle of their stardom begins to fade. I figure the rationale goes something like this: Well, at least I'll get a nice island holiday while I'm there.

The latest almost-NZ concert is Whitney Houston. Rumor has it that ticket sales for her concert in New Plymouth were low and they cancelled the show. The papers give the impression of 'artistic differences'. Either way, to me, it's clear that her career is going the way of those who have come before...it's the last gasp.

Before her, it was

Boz Skaggs,
the Coasters (they played Eltham a few times which is barely a wide spot in the road!)
Beach Boys
Fleetwood Mac
Glen Campbell
Cliff Richard
Gerry and the Pacemaker
the Rolling Stones
and we can't forget Top Gear-Live!

Sometimes this little piece of Paradise has it's down side.


chitra said...

Nothing is permanent in this world. or it can be put like change is constant. Only one needs to understand that.

Melissa @ www.thebestnest.co.nz said...

You forgot about Elton! He freaking LOVES it here, New Plymouth is always the venue of choice for these perfomers too (I did drag the whole fam-dam down to New Plymouth to see the fab Elton and it was wonderful!).

Aimz said...

You could be right there!