I don't know what's going on, but I think our house doesn't like cats.

Tuesday was the first time Phred went outside. After his first three days inside, he just sniffed around the house--literally, around the outside of the house--and came back in. That made us all happy that he was happy being an indoors cat.

On Saturday night, during a break in our 4 days of constant rain, he meandered outside. We expected him to stay around like he did before. We were wrong. We haven't seen him in over 24 hours now.

I will keep you posted.



Deb said...

hope he comes back....

Arti said...

Hope your cat returns soon!!
have a great week ahead..

chitra said...

Sorry to hear the cat disappeared. Hope it returns. It looked so comfortable on the couch.
I am going on a small vacation. Going to a place called Goa which is full of beaches and monuments which was ruled by Portugese earlier. Shall write posts on them. Take care. See you.

Amy said...

He could be off catching mice, my three cats have been doing exactly the same and they've caught 4 last week.