What are we suppose to do with one Bee Gee?

One of the infamously falsetto-voiced trio the Bee Gees, Robin Gibb, has announced a three date New Zealand tour.
As part of his Bee Gees Greatest Hits tour, Gibb will perform with the Pointer Sisters, comprising sisters Anita and Ruth with Ruth's granddaughter, Sadako, at the TSB Bank Arena, Wellington and the CBS Canterbury Arena between November 10-12.
Gibb, who has maintained a successful solo career, last performed in New Zealand in 1999 when he played to more than 60,000 people in Auckland's Western Springs, one of the largest concert attendances in New Zealand history.
"It's been a long time, but I'm really, really pleased to be coming back one more time to play for the New Zealand fans," Gibb says.
The Bee Gees are the only group to have recorded number one songs in four different decades and there are more than 6500 cover version of the songs.



Connie said...

I spent a lot of time roller skating to Bee Gees tunes when I was young ;D !

Kate said...

Their songs were certainly popular!

Aimz said...

Gotta love the bee gees, I grew up on alot of their music in the 70s, my fave has to be Andy...

Karen said...

I am laughing. You are correct - what are you going to do with just one BeeGee? I'm kinda surprised he is touring under that name and not just Robin Gibb.
It's kinda sad.
I still listen to both BeeGee and Andy Gibb songs. YAY!
Have a great day! Karen