Things I never thought I'd do - repeat

Another early post repeat

Things I had never done...part deux

When I was looking at the first list of things I had never done and thinking about things I never thought I would ever do in my life, I realized that the list has updated a bit since that post. Welcome to my world.

  • get excited to see Pepsi on the grocery store shelf
  • take my phone everywhere
  • bake fun treats
  • play Skip-Bo on a regular basis
  • consider (and actually get) our version of TiVo
  • search for brand names that I recognize from the US
  • never shop at Wally World
  • search unsuccessfully for popcorn to pop on the stovetop
  • see deer, alpaca and llama farms along the main roads
  • pay $100 to fill up the gas tank
  • see sea anemones
  • ponder insulation
  • cheer out loud when I heard Doritos are coming to NZ
  • enter local photo contests
  • wonder how old the tv shows are and smile to find out when one is less than two years old
  • drive a big station wagon
  • see lighthouses
  • have a bridge built for me
  • get excited to find something that tastes like hot dogs (frankfurters) and polish sausage (kranskies)
  • ride a gondola up a mountain
  • take an interest in the Maori language to see what town names mean
  • rarely leave the house without my camera
  • see ads on tv that I think are tacky and tasteless
  • buy fresh veggies every payday
  • make bottle rockets with vinegar and baking soda
  • experiment with 'exotic' cheeses while looking for a substitute for Meunster
  • have a clothes dryer hung upside down over the washer
  • call orange road cones 'rabbits'
  • see geysers and boiling mud up close and personal
  • eat Vegemite
  • see black swans, wild pukekos, waxeyes, kiwis, wild goats, fantails, tuis
  • be aware when American tv shows are on--as opposed to BBC or cable stations that are mostly through Australia


Are We There Yet! said...

I hear you on rarely leaving the house with out your camera. It is almost an extra appendage. Only Bloggers!!

Anni said...

I hear ya on the gas prices!!! Whoa. It's almost like you have to take a loan out of the bank to drive there in the first place to GET money.

Pepsi? I used to drink this a lot. Not any more. I finally broke my addiction to the colas.

Never heard of 'rabbits' [the orange cones on the highway...interesting]

And one more thing...I'm American, and I must say I don't like TV. We finally just had everything disconnected so we don't have to pay to watch commercials....

Sorry, I'm a bit late in visiting, but, have had a couple of days where the computer is not very cooperative!!

merinz said...

I like your list- it is so very i interesting to see our country through others eyes.

Alessandra said...

I agree with the gondola, I just can't get used to that name...

David Chin said...

You might want to add another one to your list:
"a flat possum on country roads"