container mall is relocating

Retailers at Christchurch's Re:START container mall have spent the day packing up their shops so that relocating the containers can begin tomorrow.
Twenty businesses are shifting to another part of the mall to make way for a new permanent building development to begin.

The Re:START container mall was born from the need to breath new life into the Christchurch central city, following the devastating earthquake on 22 February, 2011.

It was the brainchild of the city’s Property and Building Owners group, who knew that the wait for new buildings would be too long and that people needed to be encouraged back into the CBD as soon as possible. 

Today some of these retailers are closed due to relocation of the stores.


Hetty said...

Dear Betty, I have seen the earthquike in The news years ago. How long it takes to rebuild a city. Hpefully it won t happen again.
Groetjes from Holland,


Amy said...

yes let's hope it doesn' thappen again, however Christchurch is near a major fault line so who knows?

Marja said...

We walked past it today They are in full swing again just further down the road I made some pictures and will show soon

Anonymous said...

Hope it doesn't happen again! Have a nice day!

Roan said...

Sounds like it will be an interesting place to spend time.

Schotzy said...

Thank so much for your kind remarks and for visiting me half way around the world... My, your winter is gorgeous... I have always heard New Zealand is fabulous year round!

Jenny said...

I'm going to click on the link.

I love container houses!