Apparently, I hit the wrong button and deleted some comments on this blog. It was NOT intentional and I am heart-broken about it. 

I treasure your words and look forward to reading them.

I am so sorry--please don't take it personally.

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Joyful said...

Hi Betty,

Your post brought back some nostalgic memories about mandarin and navel oranges. I grew up in the cold, far north where our summers are very short. So oranges were very exotic and seldom eaten. It was a special treat every Christmas to get a box of mandarins. I think we may have had navel oranges once in a blue moon in all my growing up years. Apples were more common. You mentioned a favourite salad of mine, the Ambrosia salad. I made it a few times but usually bought it at my local supermarket until it became too expensive. In fact they don't sell it ready made too many places here. It is easy enough to make if one wants a nice treat. I hope all is well in NZ.