I met some more of our neighbors today. We had only waved to them in passing until now.

This is what happened: I was minding my own business about 11:30 this morning looking online with the tv in the background when the power went out. A few seconds later, Hubby hurried in the back door and said, "Phone, please! I need to call 111(our version of 911)!" 

About 100 meters down the road to the left, the mail carrier had run into a power pole, although I don't remember hearing the crash. Apparently, Hubby was talking to our landlord in the back garden when it happened, so the landlord went to the crash while he was calling. 

 I went out front and watched from the gate so as not to be in the way. Up the road from the right comes the neighbors that we hadn't met yet in their farm car and they stop to get out and talk and introduce themselves. They are sharemilkers and had heard the noise when their equipment went out. So, they were looking out for traffic to caution them about the crash.

Then our closest neighbor came out and officially introduced herself to the couple and we stood in the road talking. Hubby came down to let us know that there are no serious injuries, thank the Lord, and wend back to the crash to wait for the drivers wife, the ambulance and the police. It wasn't long before we heard the sirens for the volunteer fire department and they arrived rather quickly.

Apparently, the load of mail had fallen forward onto the gear shift and, instead of stopping, he just tried to fix it while in motion. His wife has a heart condition, so they only told her there was car trouble so she wouldn't panic before she got into her car to drive.

We eventually all went back to our houses and I listened to the hustle and bustle as the professionals did their jobs clearing and moving and putting in a new power pole until I fell asleep on the couch. When I woke up all was well and the road crew was picking up road cones.

It was definitely a unique day for me--actually, seeing people and talking to them!


gz said...

A good way to meet neighbours...not a good day for the mail!!

MY MUSINGS said...

Sounds like excitement for any neighborhood. Poor mail guy. Our mailman has a stuffed truck too.