The end is near!

The End Is Near!

I was always perplexed about the prophecy in Daniel and how it related to the prophecy in Revelation. I only knew what I was told by pastors and theology students and didn't really know what resources to used to figure out for myself what it really meant.

I learned about this book, The end is Near! from one of my bloggy friends, Belle, over at Good Morning, God as she  posted the book a chapter at a time. 

I was very impressed at how somebody like me--who has trouble thinking 'outside the box'--could instantly see what was going on.

It was written by her sister, Elizabeth, and is published on 'Lulu', a self-publishing site that I didn't know existed. 

I bought the ebook for less than $4.00 and now, I feel like I actually understand those two prophetic books a whole lot more!

Thanks, Belle, for telling us about the book and thanks, Elizabeth, for writing it!


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