Three years!

When I contemplated my move from KS to NZ, I looked at every turn expecting to find a serious reason not to go. My wonderful, close friends all supported me, never giving me any indication that they thought it was not a good idea--except for one friend's hubby who was convinced I was stepping into a white-slavery/cult/polygamy bad situation. But, I dodged that bullet to find a new, wonderful world.

My life here is great. I don't work outside the home, which gives me lots of time to bake cookies and cakes and breads (oh, my) and take photos. Since we have shared custody of the kids, we have them 4 nights (on Hubby's days off) then they are at their mom's 4 nights while he's at work. That gives me alone time that I really enjoy, even though I love being with them.
Although everything I say is important, I don't expect Hubby to pay attention to every little thing I say (cuz men are like that ). And, more to the point, I didn't think he was even looking when I pointed to a black onyx ring in a sorta-goth store when we went in for computer stuff and said, 'Ooh, that's pretty' as we passed it, without even slowing down.

But, he surprised me big time!

Ladies,you may now oooh and aaaah aloud in jealousy at my 'anniversary' gift. Ta da...

Like any relationship, it's not always easy. We have our disagreements, but they seem to be less and less as we learn how each other ticks. So, I guess I'll stay and see how this chapter of my life unfolds.


Anonymous said...

Aw - isn't he wonderful?

And congratulations on your anniversay!

Marja said...

Congratulations and eh... yeh I am red of jalouzy Wonderful

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Happy Anniversary and kudos to you for following a dream! Total envy here!!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Well I'm very happy for you Betty. Being happy with your hubby is MOST important. As long as George and I are happy together, I guess I could live most anywhere.

New Zealand is a beautiful place --and I love seeing your pictures from there.

Congrats on that ring (Wow)--and Happy Anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful ring! Many smiles! I realize you have few blogs. I have this one on my blog roll, but I see another one in the photo meme

Vanessa Rogers said...

Happy anniversary. And I am glad you found a good one, there aren't many out there.

Anonymous said...

I sooo had a giggle when you mentioned the cult thing... I imported my American honey too, only a few weeks before you arrived, he got here 25 June 06', but I digress, He also carried the 'be wary of things' luggage, only he was told by his family, "don't go to NZ, their all savages, they might cut you up, sell your best bits on the black market and eat the rest"
and they were SERIOUS lol.
I am so glad he didn't listen to them :-D I so love my American!

Kim Lehnhoff said...

Congratulations on your anniversary (a month and a half late here). I also met my husband online - but I only moved from NY to MO...not all the way to NZ...what an adventure you've had!

Our first anniversary (and every one after that) is in October.